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Improve Your Recovery Rates on U.S. and International Bad Debt

Empire Credit & Collection has been collecting bad debt for Businesses and Individuals since 1979. Our experienced debt collection teams, combined with our world-class debt collection system, will help you improve your recovery rates and ensure you receive the highest return on every dollar placed.

As a Empire Credit & Collection Client, You Can Count On…

  • Expert account handling by knowledgeable collection professionals with years of debt collection experience.
  • Consistent treatment of all your accounts, with each step in the collection process tracked and monitored to meeting well-defined performance goals to ensure we collect your money as quickly as possible.
  • Improved recovery rates on domestic and international past due accounts. Our recovery rate against U.S. debtors is substantially higher than the benchmark recovery rate of the Commercial Law League of America.
  • Worldwide expertise. We have multi-lingual collectors specializing in international collections, local offices in Europe and Asia, and a global network of more than 400 affiliate attorneys and agencies.

3 Industries Benefitting from Empire Collections Agency

1. Small Businesses

To recover past-due accounts, you need a collection partner that will work with you. Not only should they collect your debts, but also maintain your client relationships. Our approach can collect debts effectively, while providing tailor-made solutions.

It is important for small businesses to utilize an agency that is effective and affordable. Additionally, the small business collections agency should be able to provide support and detail oriented solutions, regardless of debt amount.

2. Medical and Healthcare

Steady cash-flow is essential to your business practice. Without damaging your reputation, Empire Collections will collect outstanding bills from patients.

The healthcare industry is a complex arena to collect bad debts. Often times there are issues in communication between the patient, the practice, and the insurance agency. Medical practices need a company that can navigate these relationships, in order to get you paid.

3. Service and Utility

Whether you are a large provider or a small utility, there will be a time when you need to collect a bad debt. Not only do you want to get paid, but you will also need to comply with state and federal regulations.

Hiring a debt collection agency for your service and utility collections will bring you the best results, while remaining legal and compliant.