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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your service have any hidden fees or charges?

NO. Simply put, if we don’t collect your debt, you owe us nothing. We have no hidden costs, fees or other charges you need to worry about.

Q: How much do you charge?

All collections are done on a percentage basis. Rates start as low as 25% of the debt. For example, if we collect a $1,000 debt on your behalf, you will receive $750.00. Please review our No Recovery-No Fee page for more information about our fee structure.

Q: What cities do you cover?

Though our network of collection specialists, we are able to offer coverage anywhere in the United States!

Q: Do you offer discounts for multiple accounts?

YES! Please call 877-659-5986 and speak to one of our account representatives. We offer rates as low as 20%.

Q: How do I get started?

We make the entire process easy! Simply Contact Us

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